Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Even the water looks hot

I’m in the middle of a heat wave and I’m not liking it very much. The temperature is always cooler in the summer at the cabin than it is away from the mountain. It’s usually about 5-7 degrees cooler than the suburbs and usually 3-5 degrees cooler than the rural land surrounding the mountain. But when it’s 100 degrees in the city, that still translates to pretty darn hot at the cabin.

This area doesn’t see many 100 degree days, fortunately, and in most summers I do pretty well without an air conditioner. Most summers I think I need air conditioning for about 3-4 days, and then I reason that it’s a lot of money to spend to keep myself comfortable for 3-4 days of the year.

The last time it was this hot I was in high school, marching in the band in a 4th of July parade in York, Pennsylvania. I remember we passed underneath one of those bank time and temperature signs, and the temperature read 106 degrees. It hasn’t been that hot yet, fortunately, but it could get close in the next day or so.

Over the long holiday weekend, I lived like one of the forest animals—napping during the afternoons and then coming out again in the early evening. Dog and I took our walks just after dawn or just before dark. We scared up a young red fox getting water down at the pond that way. Dog was ready to give chase but the fox was already long gone.

Right now, it’s hard to believe that the first of the fall hawkwatches will open for counting in less than a month. It can’t come too soon for me. Cooler weather can’t come too soon, either.


Sam said...

Napping durring the afternoon is a good idea. It's a very civilized siesta. Enjoy.

Cathy said...

Just remember last winter and that will keep you cool.

But it will be nice when it goes below 90 again. People tend to get cranky during the heat.

I think a bowl of chocolate ice cream is calling my name.

Carolyn H said...

Sam: Afternoon naps are over--back to work! What will you do when the World Cup is over??

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: I'm even starting to look forward to the promised 94 for Thursday. That sounds like a respite from 100 degrees! I am so tempted to post a snow photo from the winter. I keep hoping that just looking at it will make me feel cooler!

Carolyn H.

Cathy said...


Go ahead post a picture of snow. At least give everybody something to chuckle about.

Jacob said...

Hopefully relief is on the way! Here in Colorado, we're lucking out with a cool spell after a pretty warm 4th weekend (though not as warm as yours).

jeannette said...

After we moved last summer, this is the first time we have an air conditioner in our new condo. But it almost never comes on, because we live close to the coast.
Weather continues to do the opposite thing than we expect - here it has been for past 3 weeks in the 70ties! Often drops in the evening to high 60ties in California, when everyone else is huffing and puffing (transliteration from Dutch:) )!

It's the worst for the people who live in the inner city -brick/stone/concrete keeps the heat long - poor people, I don't envy them!

Love the scene in your pic!