Monday, September 28, 2009

Wet leaves

Rain soaked Roundtop Mountain this weekend, a hard, chilly rain on Saturday heavy enough to wet through two raincoats. On Sunday the weather went from rain to sun and back again so many times that I couldn’t keep track.

The weather limited my forays into the woods. I prefer to avoid mud, as a rule. I’m fine with dirt and snow, but mud isn’t high on my list. The rain seemed to hurry along the ongoing drop of hickory nuts and acorns. Whenever a nut dropped onto a hard surface, the sound was loud enough to wake Baby Dog. She always woke up barking, no doubt expecting some attack by squirrels.

We had a quiet weekend, dogs lounging for most of the day, me brewing cups of hot tea and enjoying the solitude. Even the local birds were mostly in hiding. Perhaps we are all hunkering down in sort of a dry run for the winter ahead. Perhaps we were all just lazy. The quiet was nice, for a change.

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