Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September mornings

Fall feeds the air today, bringing overcast skies and a damp chill to Roundtop this morning. I welcome the coming season. I love how different the seasons are and how each makes the mountain seem like an entirely different place.

In a way, the changing seasons help to curb my wanderlust. If I wait a bit, I will be in a different place, and won’t even have to travel or move to go there. This morning, I feel as though the trip has already occurred, and I am now in my fall residence.

The color change to the leaves is still a work in progress, but the air feels right. The dogs are restless and antsy, suddenly anxious for long walks--a far cry from midsummer when sprawling on the cool stones passed for exercise. Overnight, the cats want to sit on my lap again and crowd my bed. I’m thinking about soup for lunch instead of salad. See? Everything is different.

My posting will be haphazard the rest of this week, I expect. It’s time for Broad-winged Hawks to migrate, and I plan to be on a hawkwatch as much as I can.

I should also mention that the Hawk Migration Association of North America started a team blog this week called Hawk Migration Notes. I’m one of the writers, and if you are interested, feel free to check us out. We will be posting two-three times a week during migration on topics relating to hawks, hawk migration and HMANA.

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Woodswalker said...

I share your delight in the changing seasons and agree that looking deeply into all the wonders of nature that surround us at home can be a real cure for wanderlust. When friends ask me if i get bored returning to the same stretch of river each week, I tell them oh no, it's never, ever the same. As your blog reveals, you live in a setting where wonders never cease.