Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh, happy day!

Maybe I am more affected than I thought by the few hours of light during this part of winter. Perhaps I am relieved at surviving a cold night. Perhaps I am just easily amused.

In any event, this morning I was inordinately thrilled to see almost see the sun above my horizon as I was leaving the cabin this morning. A few minutes out of my driveway I really did see the sun rising above the eastern hills.

I think part of my happiness here is simply that I can now again take morning photos for Roundtop Ruminations. From late November to, well, now, I have to take photos during the weekends and dole them out during the next week’s posts. I really don’t like doing that. I like to see something in the mornings, take a photo of it and then post about what’s in that photo for the day.

During these darker times, what I end up posting about on any given day may have nothing to do with the photo. Sometimes the photo feels like "old news" too. I might have a photo of the ice storm that melted away three days ago. I might have a photo of barren winter landscape when I have snow on the ground. I just don’t like that.

Now, with the coming of the light again, I can at least begin to return to taking photos in the morning and then blogging about that. Yes, I know I’m pushing it a bit. After all, it’s really not all that light in the mornings right now, and on a cloudy morning I likely still won’t be able to take a photo. But this is a start.

Happy Friday! On Monday morning sunrise will be yet another minute earlier than today.


Deb said...

I've been enjoying the earlier sunrises too. I can see a few birds at the feeder before I have to leave for work!

Carolyn H said...

Deb, Seeing the birds again is a big deal for me, too. Simply watching food disappear from the feeder between morning and night just doesn't do it for me.

Carolyn H.

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

I know exactly what you mean about wanting the photos to be current—which is why I'm often darting about the riverbank in my pajamas when I first get up, look out the window, and see a sunrise or bird or whatever that I HAVE TO PHOTOGRAPH for the day's blog.

Did it again this morning, in fact. Minus 13 degrees, and there I was in pajamas, jacket, L.L. Bean slip-on rubber-bottomed mocs, a toboggan, and gloves. Guess which end got cold first?

Even the dog thought I was kind of crazy.

Carolyn H said...

Griz: pajamas or no, at least you were still at home when it was light enough for that "gotta have" photo! By the way, flannel pajamas are every bit as good an inner layer as fancy and more expensive long underwear.

Carolyn H.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Carolyn, Haven't heard from you in awhile. How are you doing???? We're fine--just waiting 'til Spring... Are you still checking my blogs?

Hope life is good on Roundtop..