Monday, January 05, 2009

Behind the cabin

I've posted a view from this abandoned ski slope behind the cabin several times, though I usually wait until fall or perhaps for a pretty sunrise. I don't think I've ever posted the view in winter before, so it's about time. Roundtop mows this slope about once a year--just enough to keep the forest from taking it back. I make use of it to hasten my trip down into the forested valley below. I love the forest, though there's no denying that trekking through one where there's no trail takes longer.

This view will likely change in a few hours when yet another ice storm covers the area. Even without this impending storm, this season's winter could savely be called the year of the ice storm. Oh, I've had plenty of ice storms in past years, but I haven't had one a week for week after week. It's gotten old, believe me.

So, today seemed a good time to post a non-ice storm photo. It's likely the last time for at least several days that I will be able to do that.


phylliso said...

Beautiful open view.It is slowly starting to sleet here now.I wish for snow,not ice,phylliso

Carolyn H said...

Phylliso: Fortunately, I can sometimes work from home, which I will be doing shortly. I'm so tired of ice. Where's the snow?? I hope the storm isn't too bad for you.

Carolyn H.

Cathy said...

I got a little bit of snow and now is sleeting out. Yuck Might have up to an half of inch of ice by tomorrow. Double yuck. At least I'll be home for all these mess.