Friday, January 09, 2009

Last of the ice ...snow is on the way!!

With only a little bit of luck, this will be the last of the ice photos that I will post for a while. Tomorrow snow is on the way, perhaps as much as 10 inches! Assuming for once that the forecast is right, I’ll finally be able to do a bit of skiing, perhaps some snowshoeing. I will be having fun in the snow! Finally!

But that’s tomorrow, and today I’m still dealing with the ice. My conifer trees are as stiff as a board. I touched one last evening and it literally broke apart in my hands. So, I’m trying not to touch anything as I go in and out of the cabin. Funny, but I never thought of living in the forest as like walking through a china shop before.

I think the lane past the cabin is now free enough of ice that I could get the car up the hill, but because the trees are so brittle and fragile, I’m still walking. Perhaps things will melt more today before the snow arrives tomorrow. I hope so. I suspect that 10 inches of snow atop trees already laden with ice would not be a good thing, either for the trees or for my electricity.

The recent weather is taking a toll on my budget. The birds that come to my feeders are eating a lot of food. They can’t do much, if any, foraging with everything so encased in ice. So they come to my feeders and spend the day. I am going through about 25 lbs of seed every 8-9 days. I use a 20 lb. bag with added sunflower, safflower and niger seeds. Then I add in some mealy worms. Plus, there’s suet.

The other day I saw 3 different woodpeckers—downy, hairy and red-bellied—plus a nuthatch within a few feet of each other. If I accidentally let a feeder go empty, the woodpeckers are pounding on the cabin. To me it’s as though they are telling me it’s time to fill their feeders. I know that’s likely not the case, but that’s sure how it seems.


Lynne said...


Next they'll be looking in the windows watching you!

I really do hope the weather settles into a milder mode for you soon.

forest wisdom said...

I'm so glad you are caring for the Cardinals, Nuthatchs, Juncos, and assorted woodpeckers during this frozen time, even despite the budget crunch. I love the photo of the Cardinal. They may be common birds but they never fail to take my breath beautiful.

Cicero Sings said...

Our trees were encased in ice and then we got snow. Very hard on them ... many down over the trails. We had a one day melt that freed the trees ... thank goodness ... but now it is a little colder again with some possible snow.

Carolyn H said...

Lynne: the worst offender is a female downy. If the feeder is empty, she's pounding on the cabin. I don't know if she's trying to tell me the feeders are empty or if she thinks, "well, there's some nearby wood, I'll just pound on that! Maybe the food is in there."

ForestWisdom: Thanks. I think a cardinal in snow is about the prettiest thing there is. That bright red against white is always beautiful.

Cicero: Oh, gee, I sure hope this ice melts a LOT today before the snow falls tonight.

Carolyn H.

Pablo said...

So didja get snow?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's some serious ice! Your so kind to care for the birds with the amount of seed you go through! I;m sure they appreciate it :)