Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No photo today

The cabin is warm, and the dogs are sleeping. I'm at home doing some office work with one eye and watching the birds at my feeders with the other. Four inches of snow came first, then sleet, now freezing rain. Supposedly, this will change to just rain but up here on the mountain, I'm not holding my breath for that part. If I'm holding my breath for anything, it's that I don't lose electricity as the icing continues to worsen.

Wasn't it just Monday when I was whining about not having any pine siskins to call my own? They're here now. Nothing like an ice storm to bring out all the residents. Between the squirrels, the siskins and a not-seen-before horde of goldfinch, it will soon be time to refill those feeders this morning.

Stay warm! I'm going back into my burrow until this passes.

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