Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Storm coming, fall coming

Storms are moving through Roundtop again. It was brighter at 6:30 this morning than it was at 7:30 a.m. The approaching storm made it too dark to take a photo amongst the trees in my little corner of the forest. By the time I left the cabin this morning, it was nearly as dark as midnight. Beyond the cover of the forest, the morning looked only a little less dark, but it was bright enough to grab a shot before the sky opened up and the thunder rattled the hills.

I don’t like being away from the cabin when a strong storm of any kind is overhead. I think it is simply because I feel I will be able to do something if a tree falls on it or the basement fills up. I don’t like being at work with the worry in my head that something might have happened and that I won’t be able to see it or deal with it until I get home. Now, the odds are that nothing has happened, but until I know nothing has happened I won’t be able to relax.

Indeed, the leading edge of this storm has already passed, and autumn will blow in behind it. In the space of 3 days, the season has turned. Summer humidity is gone and the forecast shows no indication it will return. The nights now call for a blanket on the bed (albeit a light one), and the cats suddenly want to cuddle.

Hurricane Hanna’s breeze brought down most of the drought-withered leaves. They now litter my lane like a harbinger of the fall to come. The other result of that is that the forest suddenly looks green again, instead of green and yellow, but the shade is now that deep, dull green that is the last green before the leaves turn bright and then fall.

Fall is a favorite time of year for me. I like the weather. I like the coolness. I love the glorious shades around me. I like the changes I can see each day. Summer seems too static to me, too unchanging (though on some level I know summer is not as static as I feel it to be). Fall has drama but it's an ongoing drama, not the lightning bolts of summer. Fall suits me more and gives me nearly 2 months in which to enjoy it. I will revel in it. Happy fall!


Cathy said...

Yes weren't those t-storms just wonderful. I prefer rock music than thunder to wake me up in the morning.

At one there was reports on the tv that on the rader, they were noticing rotation on the clouds. It was still thundering and lighting when I got to work. The outside bookdrop waited until I felt safe to go out there. It's cover by the roof but I want to see fall this year.

Yes bring fall cooler temps, I open up my closet and yuck to all my summer shirts.

Ok I got to go back to work :)

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: One good thing about living someplace with 4 true seasons--I get to have a "new" wardrobe for each season. I really get tired of those summer clothes--not very interesting and I still feel too hot. Fall and winter layers help create a lot of different looks with just a few pieces.

Carolyn H.

Cathy said...

Well today, I wore a long sleeve shirt on. I just couldn't bring myself to wear another shirt sleeve.

And yes, I slight roasted at work. However, the lows for tonight will be in the upper 40s.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: Ha! I wore a long-sleeve shirt yesterday and roasted too! Today, it's evenb cooler, though, so i'm back to wearing the longer sleeves. By afternoon it will probably be too warm again, but the mornings feel a tad too cool for shorter sleeves. Tomorrow, ever cooler. Hooray for fall!

Carolyn H.

kat said...

The storms are unnerving. I, too, prefer to be at home when a big storm is coming, in part because I feel I can protect my home and the other part is that I don't want to get stranded down from the mountain in which we live. I love fall too. My favorite time of year. I can't wait for fall this year. Enjoy.