Friday, September 26, 2008

Rainy Friday

The time of the year has come when it is now too dark for me to take a photo in the morning before I leave for work. I will miss that. For a few weeks yet I'll still be able to take an evening photo, so the photos I post will only be 12 hours old or so. But in another month even that will be gone, and then it will be time to try and take a week's worth of photos on the weekends. I've never been able to perfect that routine.

This morning I have a nor'easter blowing rain from the east. The weather people say I can't call this a hurricane as the storm doesn't have "tropical characteristics." But on the mountain where I sit, this storm doesn't look any different than Hannah or Gustav or Ike. One storm or another is supposed to keep my weekend a rainy one. The area can use the rain, so I'm not complaining, though I am looking forward to seeing what comes after the storm.

I expect that a storm like this will push the weather, the migrants and the animals even deeper into fall, and that's what will be interesting to see. So until the weather clears, I will busy myself with the never-ending indoor chores that I don't enjoy nearly as much as playing in the outdoors. The dogs will curl around my feet, and the cats will cuddle close, prentending to be cold. I'll have a cup of tea in the afternoon and later, perhaps a glass of wine. It won't be so bad.


Cathy said...

Oh yes, such a wonderful storm. It gave me one helluva headache last night! I was so glad to get home to have a cup of tea and lay down for awhile.

Today the headache is gone and I'm just tired

Kat said...

I DREAM of our first rainstorm. Here in California we need it so badly. It finally feels like fall is gently wandering in and for this, I am grateful. But I'll be doing my rain dance soon in hopes we get rain.