Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Another storm has passed, and fall now feels ever more settled in on the mountain. The early morning had a nip to the air that wasn’t there just 24 hours ago. I am starting to think about closing the cabin windows and wondering if tonight is the night I should bring in the plants that summered happily outside on the deck.

Perhaps not. Perhaps not just yet. Another day, perhaps a week, and then it will be time. For now, I will let them enjoy a few more days of sunshine and let them feel the night’s nip another time or two so they know I did not deprive them of days they might better have enjoyed outside. For them, winter is long enough. The days inside must seem endless and the summers short. In the spring they will look peaked, and I always hope it will warm up fast enough to set them out again before they die. By the time summer ends, they look fantastic and lush, and I want them to hold onto that as long as they can. Another day.

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