Friday, January 11, 2008


Thunderstorms in January are not the norm here. This morning around 4:30 a.m., a flash of lightning wok me up. It was a sufficiently strange experience that for a while I wondered if I’d dreamed it, as no rumble followed that first flash. Then, just as I was falling asleep again, I saw another flash. The storm rumbled around for a while, not particularly severe, and even disappeared for 45 minutes or so, but naturally it made a reappearance when I was about .25 mile from the cabin walking Dog.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a thunderstorm before when in was 34 degrees outside. Now 34 degrees counts as a warm January morning, but it’s not so warm that I would expect a thunderstorm. The list of weather oddities these past few years just keeps getting longer and longer (and odder and odder).
This morning was too gloomy and foggy to try for a photo as I was leaving the cabin. So I'll leave you for the weekend with a photo I took last weekend, also on a gloomy day, though not as gloomy as today.


Cathy said...

I had a T-storm up here too. Did it have to come through at Also had about 3 pleated woodpeckers in the yard today. Now that's unusual.

Anonymous said...

i from minneapolis mn....have you heard about the tornadoes in wisconsin this last week? insane. :(

Carolyn H said...

Tornados and thunderstorms in January. I don't think I can even guess what's next, though I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like it~

Carolyn H.

dguzman said...

I've been in PA for five and a half years, and I still have no clue what the weather trends are because nothing is consistent in this state. At least in TX I knew it was going to be really freaking hot all spring and summer, and 40 and drizzle all fall and winter.

It's pretty scary to think about tornadoes in Wisconsin, in January.