Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dark and Gloomy

I'm starting to panic a bit. The mornings are so dark and gloomy that I haven't been able to take any photos before I leave for work for several days now. I took this photo earlier in the week when the morning was slightly less gloomy than today. If the lighting doesn't improve for tomorrow, I'll don't know what I'll post. Perhaps I'll have to resort to a photo of Dog or Baby Dog.
In any event the temperature is at least fairly winter-like and the wind makes it feel very cold. Since I don't have any snow cover, the local feeder birds are able to find some food on their own, so activity at my feeders is somewhat diminished over other, snowier winters.
The quiet around the cabin continues. Even the squirrels have been absent, though I can't say I mind that. I'm okay with squirrels using my feeders, despite how quickly they go through bird seed and corn, but I must say I prefer it when they aren't around. They eat so much that sometimes I think I spend more on food for critters than I do on food for me.
The finch feeder seems to be quite popular this week, and I'm imagining that all sorts of wonderful winter finches that I never get to see are emptying it. I did see two pine siskins in it last weekend but redpolls have been reported in my area, and it's been years since I've seen any of those little darlin's in my feeders. I just hope whatever it is puts in an appearance sometime when I am home to see them. I can only hope.


Georg said...

Hallo Carolyn,

There is nothing wrong with the notion that you are unable to make photos.

And if you have no inspiration for writing, there is nothing wrong with this, too.

Are you serving a condemnation to forced blogging?

In other words: relax. You are on my bookmarks and we both can wait.


Cathy said...

Redpolls were in my yard last sunday and it was huge flock too. Have photos of them but didn't know what they were until you mention them. So maybe they stop by your place.