Thursday, December 06, 2007

Snowy Morning

Winter has arrived in the form of about 3-4" of very light and fluffy snow. The light and fluffy part is unusual here this early in the season. It’s more common for the early snows to be wet and heavy. Light and fluffy is more typical of my mid-winter snows.

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the snow this morning, though the sun wasn’t yet fully above the horizon when I took it. I tried taking a photo up at the cabin too, but the forest blocked what little there was of even the early morning light, so I had to wait until I got down to where the sky was open.

What is it about snow that makes dogs wild? Mine are like kids with a snow day off school. They act as though snow means they no longer have to behave or listen to anything I say. They forget everything they have ever learned. Baby Dog was as bad on the leash this morning as she was on her first day of leash-training. Dog is hardly better, though at least he seems to know he won’t get away with it.

At Roundtop, the ski season will open tomorrow, which for me means I will have no more weekends off until probably sometime in late March. Last year a warm-up in late December closed the resort until mid-January. That warm-up was blamed on the jetstream being further north than normal. This year the mountain is on the cold side of the jetstream but only just, so it remains to be seen if that continues or not.

November turned out to be 1.65 degrees colder than average this year, which was kind of a nice change after October, which was nearly 7.5 degrees warmer than usual. November can’t begin to make up for October’s heat wave but in this era of global warming, I appreciate anything that doesn’t further deepen the heat.


Cicero Sings said...

A lovely snowy picture! We finally got a decent snow fall. Wednesday morning we got over 15 cm of lovely dry, fluffy snow! We've been out for two short x-country skis ... just out our back door. D blazes the trail and I follow along in his tracks. Hopefully they'll groom the trails on the other side of the highway soon ... they never groom the trail behind our place though it IS a designated trail.

Kat said...

Looks just like a postcard.

Anonymous said...

So I guess those on skis take over the place on the weekends. Since you remain there, I guess it is a price worth paying to live on Roundtop. Enjoy the snow!

Carolyn H said...

Cicero: No groomed x-country ski trails here. I just head into the woods when there's enough snow.

Vern and kat: i'm far enough over on the west side of the mountain that the skiers aren't much bother--after I drive past the parking lots.