Thursday, December 13, 2007


The mother of all ice storms is coating Roundtop Mtn. this morning. I didn’t try to drive to work. So I am at home fighting with the dial-up connection and working from the kitchen table—at least for now. With the ice storm only 90 minutes old and still going strong, I’ll be surprised as all get out if I don’t lose power before it ends.

I have already had “lunch,” figuring that if I don’t eat something hot now, I might not be able to later. The dogs are surprised to have me at home but as long as I don’t interfere with their sleeping, it’s fine with them.

I feel sorry for the birds that come to my feeders. I put out lots of fresh seed for them just as the storm was starting, so they will have plenty. But now they are as wet and icy as a plane you don’t want to be flying on. I notice it the most on the jays. Perhaps it’s simply more visible on a bird that size. Or perhaps the jays can’t find shelter as easily as the smaller birds. And suddenly shelter may be more difficult to find too.

I noticed last night for the first time, that the leaves are finally mostly down. For the first time, I can look out my bedroom window and see open sky and only a few leaves, even on the oak trees. At least the leaves picked a good time to fall. Leaves and ice would definitely not go well together, and I can imagine that whatever damage I will get from this storm would have been much greater had the weight of icy leaves been added.

So for now I am warm and dry. I expect to stay put, whatever the rest of the day brings.


Lynne said...

Do you have a camp stove that you can use in a pinch? Maybe make up a thermos of hot coffee or tea. I hope you're able to stay inside where it's safe! Snow on top of ice is wicked.

Carolyn H said...

Lynne, Yes, I have a camp stove, but you're not supposed to use them inside--fumes, I think. For now I still have electric but tonight it's to get windy and that's not a good thing. Some of the tree limbs have an inch of ice hanging down right now.


Anonymous said...

We got that ice two days ago in Kansas City, but it's melting furiously today as the sun reappeared and the temps climbed above freezing. It's funny, but now if you stand under a tree you get rained on as the ice melts.


Cathy said...

Yikes! You poor thing, that's not good at all. Hope you don't lose power either.

As for me, it was a manly a snow and sleet day. I think I have about 5-6 of the white stuff. The only good thing about the whole day, I started to decorating my Christmas tree!

Chris said...

Poor blue jay! And all other frozen birdies.
I hope you don't lose power, good luck with the rest of the storm and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I hope things went well for you yesterday. Down in the valley we had some ice, the kids got to stay home from school, but it wasn't too bad.

Lynne said...

Carolyn- I was thinking of you this morning. The weather map showed upwards of 10 inches of snow near you from that storm system. We're sitting in the pocket of cold that pushed that weather out east. It's ZERO today!

Carolyn H said...

All: Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I lost power but made it through the ice storm--lots of trees damaged and down, though. It was so icy I spilled the bird seed all over the steps, but i'm sure they'll still find it (even if I can't see them eating it). Now I have to get ready for the weekend storm! This is quite a one-two punch, that's for sure!.

Carolyn H.

Kat said...

I hope you did not lose power, especially since it's so cold and icy where you are. Our dog gets confused when I'm home on a work day too, although he always loves it when I am. It I could only train him to sit on my feet and keep them warm!