Friday, December 28, 2007

Big Green Birding Year

I'm going to be joining the ranks of the BIGBY birders in 2008. For those who haven't yet heard this term, it means Big Green Birding Year. The idea is that you can only count birds that you see while birding around your own house and on foot. They do also have a second category called "self-propelled," which allows you to use a bike or other self-propelled conveyance to reach your birding destinations.

I figure I'm a natural for this one since it's the kind of birding I've been doing for some time.

As of this morning, some 75 birders had signed up. If this interests you, here's the Web address where you can sign up:

Light is already returning to the mountain, now that the shortest day has passed. On clear mornings, as this one is, the sun is just barely above the mountain to the east when I leave the cabin for work. In celebration, I took an early morning photo. The light I see during the hours I'm on the mountain is not yet good, but it is light.


smilnsigh said...

Beautiful photo!

Who am I and where did I come from? ,-) I saw your comment in 'The Quiet One's' blog. Which said: "Sometimes I think I'm goig to be the last dial-up user in the world" Awwwww, I'm sorry you are still on dial up.
And had to pop over and say so.

But now that I'm here, I see why. You are living "your own life" in a cabin in the woods. Though I couldn't do it, I'm kind of "envious" of you. So ~~ I'm not so sorry for you and dial-up now! >,-) <---Only partly kidding.

I love the idea of how you live. I'm happy to have come across you. Hope to pop back in here, at times, to vicariously live as you do. Without having to deal with the mice and bats though. -grin-

Happy New Year...

{whose main blog is 'smilnsigh' but hope, if you click on my link, that you'll pop into my other blogs too. If you have the time and dial up time! -smile-}

Carolyn H said...

Mari-Nanci: Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime! One of these years, I hope I'll be able to get something other than dial-up! Maybe before I retire...

Carolyn H.

PA-Birder said...

Good luck on your BIGBY...YES! Let there me light!

Cathy said...

Good luck with the new group.

As for the returning light, I'll be glad when the sun starts setting later, like around 5:30 for now instead of the 4:30ish. Makes the last hour of work kinda on the slow side.

I'm glad that Mari-Nanci came by, I just pick up her blog and it's fun one to read.

Jennifer said...

Whenever the "Fledgling" team does Birdathon... we try to keep 95% of our birding to the sanctuary. Sometimes we drive a few miles to another spot with slightly different habitat to pick up a few more species... but we try not to burn too much gas. The other team calls themselves "100 or bust". They drive a lot... but often get pretty close to 100. We've been at or around 80 the last few years without driving... we just have to get more pledges! (We raise a $500 scholarship each year by birding for bucks.)

Kat said...

What a great idea and concept. I like the green part. We waste so much gas hopping around looking for one bird after another. I'll give this a look, as it sounds fun.