Thursday, December 27, 2007

Going Feral

It's probably just as well that the holidays are over, and my life is getting back to its "normal" routine. When I am alone and at the cabin, I find myself turning feral all too quickly.
It's so easy to quickly ignore society's rules of good grooming and good behavior. I end up wearing stripes and plaids (but they are my favorite flannel shirt and sweater). So what if they don't match at all? Both feel wonderful, so it's only natural to want to wear them together.
It's easy to let the hair go unwashed an extra day or to pad around in the same comfortable socks for longer than is proper. After all, the dogs, who are slobs at heart, don't mind. The cats are fussier but not about these kinds of things.
I find myself admitting, albeit reluctantly, that society's rules keep me from going too far "out there" down the path to being a feral human. The rules force me to leave the cabin, dressed and coiffed appropriately. If I had, say, a month on my own, I might forget how to do even that, and I'm fairly sure I would care even less than I do now, which is a bit frightening.
I am eccentric enough, I suspect, at least by the standards of normal modern life. For one thing, I can't abide pointy heeled shoes--they look like elf shoes to me. And even if I liked them, which I don't, they simply wouldn't work in the mud around the cabin, even on the short walk from the car to the front door. So I wear flat shoes with treaded soles, the only flats in an office with a sea of heels.
I don't scream when I see a mouse or a bat--both of which have mysteriously found their way into our office at one time or another. And naturally, I was the one who ended up catching these visitors and releasing them outside.
The differences run deeper, too, but the tamed and civilized humans around me are already suspicious enough. Sometimes I feel as though I spend my days in the costume of normal life, but I am wild and feral underneath.


Jennifer said...

Oh my god... this is brilliant. And boy oh boy can I relate!

Cathy said...

Oh I've few those days. Add some Pms on it and yikes stay my way!

Carolyn H said...

Jennifer: Sometimes I long to go be even more feral than I already am but sometimes not.

Cathy: I'm afraid I don't need a reason....

Carolyn H.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Carolyn,
I'm glad you've given a name to it (feral). That sounds much better than what I've been calling myself when I do this ;-)
Some days there are just so many more important things to do and see (especially outside) and I don't want to waste time on grooming when I know I'm just going to get dirty again anyway (and you're right--my dogs have never complained about BO!)

Carolyn H said...

Ruthiej: Perhaps we should start a new group--the Feral Sisters sounds about right. No red hats allowed.

Carolyn H.

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad you put a name to it. I have recently started inching my way to "going feral" on some weekends when I have no plans to leave my apartment. Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Oh, I also hate pointy shoes. For me it's more a case of they are so uncomfortable, I insist on wearing the most comfortable, stable, boringest shoes I can find.