Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Titmouse at the Feeder

This isn't the best photo, but I still couldn't resist. Who can't love a tiny bird with enough moxie to take a seed that size? Tufted titmice are a regular feeder visitor here on the mountain. I usually have 4-5 of them, as best I can count. They zoom in and out so quickly that it's rare to have many of them at the feeder at once. They land on the feeder, grab a seed and fly off, though often not too far off, to enjoy their prize and then will zip back to the feeder. I've wondered more than once if they don't use more energy getting their one seed than the seed gives them. Of course, this titmouse won't have that problem.
Here on the mountain, November has thus far been appropriately cool, with only one or two warmer than usual days. Leaves still persist, unusually, on many of the trees--especially the oaks. The color is mostly all gone from them, and they are crinkly, brown things that make scraping noises against their branches. It's a Halloween-spooky kind of sound.
I wish I had been at home yesterday. I returned to an empty finch feeder, not something the two small goldfinch that are regulars here would have done. I suspect something wonderful that I didn't see emtpied it. Siskins, perhaps? Redpolls? I will likely never know. It is a small mystery in a world of many and many larger mysteries. Whoever they were, at least they found food before disappearing back into the mystery from whence they came.


Cathy said...

Those titmice are fun to watch as they zoom about and fun trying to get a picture of too. Had a few shot of blurrier heads and empty feeder.

I took a walk on Sunday and those still hanging leaves are noisy at times. Sometimes they seem like they are reminding me how short life is sometimes.

pablo said...

That is an interesting mystery at your finch feeder

Anonymous said...

The titmice are even harder to photograph than the red-breasted nuthatch. I have actually seen even the tiny rb nuthatch take a whole peanut from the feeder.