Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Red-beasted Nuthatch

It really shouldn't have been as difficult as it was. I have likely taken 50 photos, just trying to get a half-decent photo of this red-breasted nuthatch. It shouldn't have been so difficult because this tiny little cutie is a daily visitor to my feeders. And, the bird makes multiple trips to the feeders. So why is it so difficult to photo?
Well, the bird is fast. It zooms in like a fighter jet from somewhere near the side of the house, grabs a seed and zooms out again all in the same second. I have blurry photos and photos of the bird's back (head down as it grabs its favored seed). But actually seeing the whole bird? This is about is good as it gets.
This particular bird doesn't have much of a red breast. It's closer to tawny than red. I'd also forgotten how tiny these birds are--smaller than the Carolina chickadees, which makes them the smallest birds at my winter feeders.
My goal for the winter is to take a photo of every species that comes to my feeders. The red-bellied woodpecker is likely going to be difficult, simply as it doesn't show up that often. The sparrows might also pose a challenge as they stay on the deck and don't hop into my platform feeder. But whatever the end result, it should be fun!
Note: I will be offline until Monday. I'm heading up to New Hampshire for a board meeting of the Hawk Migration Association of North America. Hopefully, I'll have a few spare moments to see some good birds and take a few photos!


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip and good luck on your attempt to get mug shots of all your winter visitors.

Carolyn H said...

Vern: I hear some folks in NH have pine grosbeaks staked out for us to see, so I'm hoping those cooperate.

Carolyn H.

Chris said...

I love your birdie pics!

Larry said...

They're great little birds-defintitely very fast. If its not much of a red breast it's probably a she.

kat said...

I love nuthatches too.They are fast little guys and taking their photos is a challenge. Still you got a good one. Many times, I have to sit behind a sheet or take pictures form my window (behind my drapes). I'll leave the camera poked out so they see that and get used to it. But still, these little birds dart in and dart out.

Enjoy your trip.