Thursday, November 08, 2007

Frost! Finally!

Frost finally found its way to the mountain last night. It wasn't a "maybe it frosted before I saw it" kind of frost. It wasn't a frost that happened 100 feet in altitude below me kind of frost. It was an actual frost. Better a full 30 days late than never, I guess.

This morning the ground was white with it, suddenly changing the landscape to mostly sepia tones and dimming the bright colors of fall. It's more than past time.

So far, November's temperatures are typical ones, perhaps even a tiny bit below normal, though only just and not yet nearly cool enough to make up for the heat of October. I think it was cool enough, and for long enough last night, to be a killing frost. I'll be better able to determine that this evening when I return to the cabin and see if the vegetation is wilting. Still, it's a start.


KGMom said...

I agree--finally, frost. I had worked ahead on garden chores, and had pulled out all my annuals that go pfffftttt when we have a hard frost.
I am hoping a good frost will make the grass go dormant. and also kill fleas!

Cathy said...

Well I woke up it was 28 and I think it's back down to that tempture again. It looks like I'll get a dusting at the most with the snow. I'll take anything right now. I'm just in the mood for a few flakes.

Anonymous said...

Now we can have "Indian Summer!"

Jennifer said...

I managed to get my basil in before our first frost a couple of weeks ago... hmm... your comments about the stages of leaf color change have me intrigued... Do you know any science-talk sites that are discussing this? I want to read more.

Carolyn H said...

Kgmom: the only thing I have left outside is a rosemary plant that's supposed to be hardy. But it looks so lonely out there I might bring it in anyway.

Cathy: Did you get snow? They had it in Johnstown on Tuesday. Right now it's overhead but not making it to the ground--yet.

Pa-birder: No, no! no Indian summer yet. And besides, wasn't that October??

Jennifer: I think it's very interesting that stages of leaf drop have been noted over such a wide area of the country. I wish I knew more about why that's been so.

Thaks for commenting everyone, and have a good weekend!
Carolyn H.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere once that you really couldn't have Indian Summer until after the first real frost. If that's true, then October was just unseasonably warm!

Carolyn H said...

pa-birder: I sure hope we don't have indian summer soon. I'm still relieved that it's finally turned into fall!

Carolyn h.