Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Summer solstice has passed, and the days will start to grow shorter, though it will be a long time before they feel shorter.

This picture was taken in the early morning along an old woods road that winds along the edge of the mountain. It makes a good footpath for me and the dogs. The undergrowth is a bit too dense to make bushwhacking enjoyable.

I enjoy my early morning walks in daylight. I get up early to take a solo walk. Then I walk the dogs. I've learned that just walking the dogs doesn't constitute exercise for me. They stop and sniff and play, and I spend more time keeping an eye on them than anything. So a solo walk is a bit of time just for me. Rolling out of bed when there's at least a little light in the sky is a lot easier than when it's dark outside. Most of the time, I'm already awakening anyway as the sky fades from dark to light.

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