Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Rain

More rain overnight—another 3-4 inches. I think I’m going to give up trying to count the inches. I know I’m closing in on 13-15 inches of it since Saturday night. I’ve had to borrow a sump pump from Ski Roundtop as mine gave up the ghost in last night’s downpour.

I now have weeds taller than my head out behind the cabin. I’ve been in real jungles and believe me when I say the area behind the cabin is no different. At the moment it is not raining, and every minute without it is a minute to the good, at this point.

Even the dogs, who typically ignore weather either good or bad, seem affected. Baby Dog won’t go into the woods anymore. She just squats in the middle of the lane and hurries back into the house. They’ve even given up playing in the stream rushing down the mountain that used to be my road.

Surprisingly, the Susquehanna River doesn’t yet look that terrible, as it won’t be above flood stage for another day or so. The Yellow Breeches Creek, the largest creek in the area, went from being not quite bank full last evening to being double its normal width and nearly reaching the underside of the bridge this morning. The Yellow Breeches, pronounced locally as Yella Breches (it’s not quite pronounced as britches) comes by its name honestly. It is yellow and muddy right now.

If this is global warming, I want no more of it. If it’s not global warming, I want no more of it.

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Cathy said...

You probably seen the Delaware River by Port Jervis on Tv. It bad this time. I'm lucky that I live in higher ground. Did have some minor flooding around here. On my blog I list the url for my main blog. There I have two picture.

Hopefully this will end soon and we won't get any more rain for another two weeks