Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Storm, etc.

This morning Dog was fooled by the "old broken wing trick" displayed by a killdeer. We were walking in Roundtop's north parking lot, which is stone-covered and so prime territory for killdeer. When I first saw the bird it was upside down, belly in the air, flapping weakly as though it was on its very last leg. Dog has always had a thing for killdeer, since back when he was a puppy, so it is no surprise he thought he was (finally!) about to get one. After a few seconds I saw a tiny killdeer very near to where we were walking, and had to pull Dog away so the tiny baby, which Dog never saw, could escape.

Last night was a severe and slow-moving thunderstorm, with lots of rain and sustained lightning. I started hearing the storm just before dark, and because it was so slow-moving, the lightning storm seemed to go on forever. I couldn't see bolts of lightning in the sky--the thick leaf cover hides that from me. But the woods would suddenly burst into brightness with multiple bursts keeping the woods light for a second or two at a time. Then it would darken again. Some of the bolts weren't as strong and then the lightning only brightened a few trees or sometimes looked like someone turning on a flashlight for a few seconds deeper in the woods. Then it would be dark again.

And then I saw a lightning bug flash, itself a little mini-burst of lightning. Then real lightning would flash again and in the interim before the next flash, more lightning bugs, some very close, some deeper in the woods. I don't ever remember seeing lightning and lightning bugs in such a tandem operation before. It was a little symphony of light, the smaller one echoing the sky's drama with grace notes of its own.


Cathy said...

Carol, All the thunderstornmthat were heading my way last night, peter out when they got here. Just had a few flashes of lightening and a srief spitz of rain. However this afternoon, looks like I'll be getting some rain.

Julie Zickefoose said...

grace notes of its own...perfect!