Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer fog

Summer is here and with it comes heat, humidity and dense fog in the mornings. I am not a summer person and prefer to move slowly under cover of shade as much as possible.

I am already thinking ahead to fall and watching the poison ivy turn red with some glee. Soon, I think, soon the temperature will be cooler and nights chilly.  But truly, in the meantime, summer seems interminable, and the idea of continued hot weather through sometime next week feels like forever.

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Scott said...

Carolyn: I like the foggy white sky in the background balanced by the white of the Queen Anne's lace in the foreground. You know I agree completely with you regarding summer. My "autumn is approaching" touchstone is the dogwood leaves, which here are already showing hints of turning slightly maroon. Also, my staff tells me that some of the goldenrods have begun to bloom, but I can't attest to that personally since I've been holed-up in air conditioned comfort since the heat wave gegan.