Friday, July 24, 2015

A day at camp

Walking down Roundtop to Beaver Creek
I haven’t posted much about my Thursday adventure camp sessions this year, and now that I only have a few more weeks of camp, I guess I’d better not wait. 
Yesterday the weather was outstanding—perfect temperature, not a cloud to be found and low humidity. I think it’s the only day this summer when I could say that.  So the walk down Roundtop Mtn. to Beaver Creek was especially nice.

The kids caught a huge number of crayfish yesterday. This photo was taken sometime during the first group of kids and doesn’t begin to show the magnitude of the day's catch.  They also caught about a dozen minnows and assorted water skippers, which for some reason are always a favorite of a subset of young campers.  Personally, I don’t see the attraction, but I don’t complain about anything outdoorsy that interests them.  

I also found this beetle, which was a bit over 1” long. I think it may be a broad-necked root borer but I’m not a bug person, so if anyone knows for sure, please correct me.  If it is that bug, the forest habitat is certainly right, and I believe it is a female, which is substantially larger than the male.

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