Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Ironweed after rain
My broody hen is so far sticking to her eggs, though she needs to remain diligent for just over two more weeks before any chicks will hatch.  That leaves me just two weekends to get that new chicken run put together if I want her in a secure place to raise chicks, assuming she actually hatches any.

We have already had one scare in this non-secure area where she is determined to nest.  Something came into her space around 10:30 the other night, sending her squawking and away from the nest.  I rushed outside, headlamp in hand, to find her stuck in a corner with her head through a hole in the chain link fence.  She was upset but unhurt and the eggs were undamaged. I saw and heard nothing in the woods. I don’t think her “attacker” was a raccoon, as she and her eggs were not hurt.  I suspect one of the local cats may have just wanted to sleep in the straw (as they do when there are no eggs there).  It’s possible it was something else, but I found no sign of any marauder, just one scared but undamaged hen. Fortunately, she returned to her eggs quickly.  And only two more weeks to go.


Scott said...

Our ironweed's not blooming here yet further east in the Piedmont, Carolyn.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: i think mine are nearly done, but some of that is due to the wet, i think. To me some look as though they are rotting before they flower.