Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer's signs

Is it midsummer already? The mountain has that look and the first of the summer flowers are blooming. I’ve seen daisies, in addition to these brown-eyed susans. The first farmer lilies will soon be out, too, if they haven’t already opened up in today’s sun.

Thunderstorms are marching eastward, another sure sign of summer. So far neither the haze nor the heat has reached epic proportions, though the weather is definitely moving in that direction. Sometimes the humidity makes the late afternoons uncomfortable. I can always tell how the day is progressing by the number of animals stretched out and sleeping around the cabin. The higher the humidity, the fewer animals standing on all four legs.

Fireflies seem in somewhat shorter supply this year. I usually find them starting around Memorial Day, and it was a good 10 days after that before I saw the first. Now, I see some blinking here and there, but it feels like half of the number I think I should be seeing. Perhaps they will be more numerous in another few weeks. Naturally, I am wondering why there aren’t so many and I have no real idea.

If feels as though "everyone" has seen new fawns so far but me. I don’t know why I’m not seeing them, as I see lots of deer. I’ve just been unlucky enough to miss the fawns.

Tomorrow will be another day of camp for me, and the weather looks promising.  At least I won't have to keep the camera in the waterproof bag, so that's something!

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