Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dewpoint Dilemma

Although the temperature has not yet reached the summery temperature of 90 degrees, the humidity and haze of hot summer days has arrived. Even a moderate 80 degree temperature feels uncomfortable when the dewpoint is nearly 70. Still, I have so far resisted putting the air conditioner in the kitchen window. I am starting to falter, though. I suspect I will have to get it going sometime this weekend. Once I put the thing in the window, it will stay there until at least mid-September, when I’m pretty sure the temperature and humidity won’t skyrocket again one final time.

I dislike the air conditioner for several reasons, not the least of which is what it does to my electricity bill. But I also dislike the sound of it and how it muffles the noises outside in the forest. When the air conditioner is running I can’t hear the birds outside or determine if the chickens are involved in some squabble, either real or imagined. Part of that is that I need to close up the other windows in the cabin when the air conditioner is running, but part is just the sound of the thing. I can’t hear people pulling into my driveway, sometimes not until the dogs set up an outcry.

The air conditioner in the kitchen window—the only window where one will fit at all—also blocks much of my view to the southwest. This time of year the dense greenery already hampers much of my viewing and the air conditioner only makes it worse. Plus, I can’t see that end of my deck at all.

Really, the only thing I do like about the air conditioner is that it takes the moisture out of the air. I don’t need to have it particularly cool in the cabin. In fact, I don’t like a dramatic change from terribly hot outside to icebox on the inside, so I keep the temperature inside pretty warm. I do like the lowered humidity that it creates, and I’ve just about reached the point where I want to make that happen.


Scott said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Carolyn. Fortunately, our thick stone walls are still keeping our house cool, but the humidity is so high that it's clammy inside. Have you considered a dehumidifier, which wouldn't have to be put in the window? Of course, the dehumidifier puts out a lot of warm, dry air, so the inside of your cabin will get warmer and warmer even if it is drier.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: I tried the dehumidifier, but the thing put out so much heat that it felt worse not better. The AC set to "dry" usually works for me as the warm air is vented outside. I just don't like it, though.