Monday, May 05, 2014

Too wet!

Lakeshore Trail at Pinchot State Park
After the deluge earlier in the week, I was ready for some drier weather and some time outdoors! Spring is springing, and the annual explosion of new growth happens quickly.  Miss a week and suddenly it’s summer.

Baby Dog and I decided (well, I decided and she readily agreed) to go for a walk.  Although up at our cabin the ground has already drained from the 4 inches of rain that fell, flatter land at lower altitude was still soggy.  In other words, we didn’t get too far. I could easily have returned to the cabin for my wellies, but I didn’t want to have a wet and muddy dog dirtying up the car, so we aborted our walk and returned to higher ground.  Baby Dog was fine with that—she got a car ride and a cavort around the mountain.

Spring is further along down off the mountain though not by too much.  It won’t be very long before I lose my view of the mountain to the west for another 5 or 6 months. At the moment, I can still see the mountain through a maze of budding leaves.  Even that level of visibility will be gone in 2-3 weeks.

My last frost was April 18, and though the temperature has been very close to freezing several times since then, it hasn’t actually dropped to that magic number.  At this point, it’s unlikely to.


Scott said...

Carolyn: Kali and I walked the (admittedly high and rocky) Mt. Misery-Mt. Joy loop trail at Valley Forge National Historical Park on Saturday and had no mud on our shoes afterward. Here in my preserve, however, it's a different story, with standing water in some low places. The creek rampaged through the preserve and set us back--once again. It's so discouraging.

Sharkbytes said...

A blue blaze! NCT or someone else!