Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Last week’s rain brought out the neon green of spring in a big way.  Where winter browns still languished, the rain was like fertilizer, and all shades of greens soon exploded everywhere.  Redbud is budding, and serviceberry is blooming.  The forest is red and white and green right now.  The redbud down off the mountain is in full color; the trees up on Roundtop Mtn. are not quite so far along.  I am waiting a few days to take a photo of them, waiting for the color to get just a bit more intense.

More wildflowers are blooming, too.  Wild violets with their luscious shades of purple are delicate as rice paper.  Rue anemone all but cover some sections of the forest floor.  The forest is growing lush, though it is still a delicate lushness, fresh with new growth.

The first wood thrush and ovenbirds are now joined by several “friends” competing for territory around the cabin.  Last evening I thought I heard the “whoop” of a great crested flycatcher, but it wasn’t close enough for me to be sure of that.  Other migrants are starting to arrive to rest for an evening or two before heading further north.  I know I heard at least half a dozen different Baltimore orioles singing last evening.  I don’t expect all will stay here, though several are likely to.

I often don’t see many warblers down around the cabin, unless a foggy, misty morning forces them off the mountain top. I’m sure I would find more if I climbed the mountain in the early morning, but my mornings are too hectic and short for that.  Maybe next year.  It’s spring again and time to be outside.

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Sharkbytes said...

Hooray for spring, even if delayed!