Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Red sky at morning...

Sailor’s warning?  So does orange count as the sailor’s warning?  I suspect it might, if not perhaps quite as soon as a truly red sky.

I would call this a sky of building trouble or trouble nearby if not right atop me.  The old sailor’s warning holds true, though it also leaves a lot unknown.  A sky that looks like this might be a storm that’s still hours away, perhaps no to arrive until overnight, or perhaps not even until tomorrow.  This same sky could also mean that someplace nearby, say within 20-25 miles, is in for trouble and “my” sky is telling me I’m on the edge of that.

What I do know for sure is that I won’t know the answers for some hours after I see a sunrise like this.  It’s the kind of sky that tells me to keep an eye to the sky to see which way of my two possibilities this sky will turn out to mean:  storm overhead but hours away or storm nearby but not overhead.

Either way it makes for a beautiful sunrise, but one to watch out for in the hours ahead.

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Scott said...

On Thursday evening, there was a band of tremendous thunderstorms stretching southward from Reading down into Delaware. I saw TV news coverage of drifts of hailstones that were 1.5"-1.75" inches across. Car windows were broken out, a skylight at a Wyomissing mall shattered and fell into the mall and car hoods looked like someone had taken a ball-peen hammer to them. If it had hit my areas, my newly planted tomato plants would have reduced to green mush!