Monday, March 31, 2014

Winter just won't go

Not January.  This is March 31, 2014
Lest you doubt that this is the winter that never ends, I bring you this morning’s photo.  The forecast of 1.5-2” of rain turned into 4 inches of rain, followed by considerable sleet and then snow,  along with strong and biting winds.  Sunday afternoon was as thoroughly a miserable day as I can remember.

I have standing water everywhere today. The temperature has gone above freezing and is now rocketing towards 60 degrees, which is quite a change from even six hours ago. The lane past the cabin is deeply rutted and still slushy.  I certainly hope that yesterday’s storm was winter’s dying breath, but the way the season has gone so far, I’m can’t be sure that’s the case, regardless of the date.

Saturday, the feeder birds knew something was up. They fed voraciously, emptying my feeders as though it was mid-February.  Deer were out at midday, grazing on the dead grass.  It was pretty obvious they were fueling up in anticipation of not being able to feed on Sunday.  And as is usual, the animals were right. Perhaps they sensed the changing pressure or perhaps it was just the dampness in the air. But they knew Sunday was going to be bad, and they took advantage of Saturday to fill their bellies.

I was hoping to spend some outdoor time this weekend doing outside spring clean-up, but by Friday I knew that was unlikely.  So spring clean-up will have to wait, as the new season is in no hurry to displace Old Man Winter.

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Sharkbytes said...

I am SO happy in warm weather this week, but coming home will be a shocker.