Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Never enough time

Winter weather and two puppies sure take up a lot of time, which accounts for fewer blog postings lately.  Winter is supposed to loosen its grip here over the next few days, and I hope the puppy situation calms soon, but if not at least the weather should improve.

It’s funny how I see some snow and ice melting even though the temperature remains below freezing.  It has been sunny, even though cold, and the March sunshine is stronger than that in January.  As long as the sun is out on days that still don’t climb much above the 20’s, a bit of melting occurs.  As with most things, that is both good and bad news.  It’s cheering to see some melting, however the result is that once the sun goes down everything re-freezes quickly and in some places I end up with even more ice than before.  Tomorrow the temperature will actually rise above freezing during the day and then the melting will start in earnest.  I’m ready for a bit of that.

On the puppy front, it’s about what you might expect.  Most nights I get up twice to the sound of their whining and we all make a quick trip outside for a potty break. Skye is smarter than Sparrow, but she is the braver of the two.  She is always the first to attempt something new, like stairs.  He learns new commands at the speed of light and catches on by the second or third try.  Learning commands for her is a work in progress, little baby steps, or should I say puppy steps, at a time?


Sharkbytes said...

It got into the 20s here yesterday. Some melting occurred. Maybe enough to pack the 4 inches we just got on Tuesday!

Carolyn H said...

Joan, Same here. This morning I had a skating rink where yesterday I had good traction and crunchy walking. Sometimes a little melting isn't a good thing!

Scott said...

I think some sublimation must be occurring as well. Our snow is (thankfully) disappearing faster than the rate of melting I've observed could account for.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: My snow is still here, though the places where it drifted away are strating to show a few bare patches. Will you get that nor'easter that's going to miss me?