Friday, March 21, 2014

Off and On the Mountain

March is playing games again.  Warm weather, cold weather.  Rain, snow, ice.  Let’s see how many different kinds of weather can be found in a single month.

Some days I think mud season has begun. The next day I’m slipping on more ice.  Down off the mountain, the weather is more spring-like. There, the snow is gone, even the patches.  Up by my cabin, I still have patches of snow and ice.  Overnight the temperature drops below freezing, if not always by much.  Heading down off the mountain is a bit like visiting a different season, even though “off the mountain” is only a mile or so away.  This is the time of year, though, where the weather difference between the mountain and the cultivated valley is pronounced.

I usually feel a bit overdressed when I’m off the mountain. Not overdressed in the sense of wearing fancy dress, but overdressed in the sense of a heavier coat, hat and gloves when the valley folks are wearing only lighter jackets and if running between buildings, perhaps not even wearing a jacket if it’s sunny and the wind is calm.  For me, that’s not yet an option up on the mountain.  If I rush out without a jacket or a hat, I’m soon back inside looking for that.  It’s not quite that warm here yet, not even in the sun.  Maybe next week.

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Sharkbytes said...

We are to have yet ANOTHER week below freezing. Criminy!