Friday, January 10, 2014

Weird winter already

The winter season is still new, though it’s already unusual for this area.  I’m not talking about that polar vortex that numbed the mountain earlier this week.  I’m talking about precipitation, mostly snow.  I can’t recall a winter here where something fell out of the sky every three days.

This area is often dry in winter. That’s why Roundtop makes snow.  Winters are always cold enough for it to snow, but often weeks go by without any snow (or anything else) falling. So in order to have snow for skiing, they make it by shooting water into the frigid air, which then falls to the ground as snow on the slopes.  This year, I barely get the driveway cleaned up from one storm before another one arrives. Most, so far, have been small or barely moderate-sized snows..  It’s just that getting snow (or ice or rain) every three days for weeks on end is really unusual for here. It’s good, too, that these snows have been kind of puny.  A big storm every three days would not be much fun at all!

Today’s photo was not taken this morning—more snow was falling as I left the cabin.  I took it yesterday when the approaching snow turned the sunrise pink as dawn broke.


Scott said...

Everything is so soggy!

Sharkbytes said...

We are now doing sloppy slush. That's even worse. Hope the temps drop a bit tomorrow