Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Waiting for the piper

Summer is now two-thirds over, though most in the U.S. probably equate the end of summer with the Labor Day holiday and kids’ return to school.  I tend to view the Labor Day holiday as the end of summer, too, mostly in the hope that it really does mean summer is over.  I am not a fan of hot weather, which means I don’t much care for summer, my least favorite season of the year.  So I am always glad to see it go.  It’s just that it doesn’t always go when I’d like it to.

August 2013 is going to be one of the cooler ones on record in my area, despite the upcoming days in the upper 80’s.  So as Augusts go, I am not finding much to complain about this year.  I just know, however, that I will pay for this nice August weather.  And that will probably mean payment will come due in September or even October.  In central Pennsylvania, one warm or cool month is very often followed by one that’s just the opposite.  So I am already anticipating a fall month with warm to hot weather.  And that I am not looking forward to.

I should, of course, leave well enough alone and simply enjoy a cool August, but I can’t. It’s like having this little storm cloud over my head that constantly drones, “you will pay, you will pay.” Part of it is simply that I love fall and fall weather, so I don’t want it to be a moment shorter than it should be.  Partly, it’s because it’s not much fun sitting on the rocks of a hawkwatch when it’s sweltering.  All things considered, I’d rather have a normal, hot  August if it meant fall weather would begin in early September and last until early December.

Of course, perhaps this year I’ll “hit the lottery” and have a cool August followed by normal fall weather. That would be truly novel.

My photo today was actually taken yesterday. This morning was totally fogged in. I’ve noticed over the years that August sunrises and December sunsets tend to be the most impressive of the year here in my neck of the woods. I have no idea why.


Scott said...

Perhaps you could PhotoShop that utility pole out of your otherwise stunning image, Carolyn!

Summer is my least favorite season, too. When I say to people that I hate summer, they look at me like I'm crazy (especially Kali, who hates the cold and the dark of winter. Perhaps "hate" is too strong a word, but I really can't tolerate heat and humidity. Just try to look and act like a professional at a natural area preserve when your dress shirt is soaked with sweat!

Charla said...

This is fantastic!