Monday, August 19, 2013

It’s headlamp time again.  I’ve reached the day when I need my headlamp when I walk Baby Dog in the mornings. I didn’t need the headlamp for the entire walk this morning, but I did need it until we walked beyond the edge of the forest. The morning was overcast again, as so many August mornings have been this year and that didn’t help.

I will have to take back my claim of last week that if I kept Baby Dog off lead, she would not be interested in chasing a deer. This morning we walked up onto a nice buck in velvet and a doe.  The doe bounded off without incident, but the buck ran into a high mesh “fence” that’s supposed to keep paintball pellets from flying beyond where Roundtop wants them to go.  I know of a golf driving range that uses a similar containment fence, so you might have seen what I’m talking about at one of those.

The buck kept leaping into the fence and being bounced back. I was starting to fear he would break a leg.  The edge of the mesh wasn’t far from the deer, so I moved to my left, hoping the deer would move to the right where it would soon run out of mesh and could escape. That worked!  The buck leapt away, white tail flagging.  He leaped like a gazelle with every step, no simple running here.

Well, all this was too much for Baby Dog.  She pulled like a plow horse, and I could barely hold on to her.  I’ve never had her pull so hard, and I didn’t know just how strong she could be when she is determined.  So, it’s not just rabbits that make her take off, it’s deer, too.  Sorry, Baby Dog, the leash is going to have to stay on.

My photo today was taken on Saturday in the little town of Wellsville.  I went to their annual fireman’s carnival for a good dinner of a hot turkey sandwich.  I parked a good distance from the crowded festival and walked through the town to it.  I found this swallowtail butterfly amongst the flowers in this person’s yard.


Cathy said...

What a beautiful picture!

I'm surprise that the buck's antlers didn't get entangled in the mess. Now would been awful to deal with.

Pablo said...

My dog lunges on the leash like that when we approach the gate to the dog park. I think he would run FROM a deer.

Nice photo!

Scott said...

Nice image; I like the wooden rail you included in the shot.

Alas, Baby Dog's ostensible lack of interest in deer was just too good to be true.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: It's a very fine mesh, perhaps more like what's at some baseball back drops? Anyway, it's kind of like giant netting. Fortunately, the buck wasn't hurt.

Carolyn H said...

Pablo: I had a dog that pulled to get to the dog park. Baby Dog pulls in the opposite direction. She doesn't like to mingle with dogs she doesn't know.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: Thanks! Agreed. Of course the other deer that Baby Dog didn't lunge at were further away and not half-caught in mesh, so that probably had something to do with it.