Friday, August 09, 2013

Dreary August

Who ever thought the words "dreary" and "August" would go together?
I find it hard to believe, but I only have one more session of camp this year.  That means the summer is nearly over, at least the unofficial summer that most in the U.S. define as Memorial Day to Labor Day.  The equinox, which marks the actual end of summer, is still six weeks away.

The recent rains means the creek where the kids from adventure camp get to catch crayfish and minnows is flowing decently again, if not at full bank.  Yesterday, the kids caught more than three dozen crayfish, three or four minnows, a nice mud puppy perhaps four inches long and saw the small water snake again.  The snake took one look at the kids and disappeared into a hole for the rest of the day.

I was glad the weather was no hotter than it was, which was about 80 degrees. It was so humid yesterday down at the creek that if it had been any warmer, it would have been unbearable.  As it was, it was nearly unbearable. I came home as soaked in sweat as if it had been 95 degrees.

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Scott said...

Agreed, Carolyn: Thursday and Friday were very uncomfortably humid. Kali and I strolled 1-1/2 miles after dinner on Friday evening came home soaking wet from sweat.

I wish I had a nice, clean stream where I could catch neat stuff like hellgramites and mudpuppies; all of my streams are impaired or too flashy and sediment-laden to support "good stuff."