Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sunset walk with geese

With the days growing longer, my evening walks with Dog or Baby Dog are no longer restricted to well-worn paths or roads. It’s not yet light enough for me to wander through the woods in the evening—even with a headlamp the footing is too chancy and difficult to see. But in an open field, the last light of the day lingers long enough that a walk across doesn’t feel like tightrope walking.

So Baby Dog and I took advantage of good weather and the last remaining rays of daylight to visit one of Roundtop’s pond. We saw 58 Canada geese. Or, I should say, I saw 58 geese. Baby Dog was much more interested in nosing through the grassy stubble than in watching geese. Even when they took flight and skittered from the open water to the ice, honking all the way, Baby Dog was unimpressed.

I was happy to see them. Except for the old pair who has already taken up residence along “their” pond, I haven’t seen the local group for a while. And the local group has added several to their flock since they were here last. Sunset already held a few of the clouds that will bring snow to the mountain later today. I was glad simply to be outside, even if in failing light. At least it was light if only for a few minutes.


Cynthia M. said...

Hi Carolyn! I'm envious that you can walk with Baby Dog and watch geese in peace. My walks with Thorin are getting calmer (he didn't lose his mind the most recent time we flushed a Red-tail) but my ability to track or wildlife watch with him is still pretty limited. :)

Carolyn H said...

Baby Dog totally ignored the geese, but it's a good thing a deer or a fox didn't run in front of us. That would have been a different story!