Thursday, February 14, 2013

Snow-covered but barely

E. Mt Airy Rd., Monaghan Township, York County PA
Last night saw the cabin covered in a pretty little snow. For once, I had more than dusting, if still not enough to ski or snowshoe. Snow stuck to every surface, too powdery for snowmen. The first breath of breeze will downgrade the prettiness, revealing what was this morning a vast expanse of white.
Sunrise over a snowy pond
 Dog tries to eat the snow. Baby Dog runs like a crazy dog, burying her nose as she goes like a canine snow plow. The chickens are not amused and step daintily from their coop, raising their feet high with each step. Deer have been to the juniper bush again. Their tracks tell me they arrived after the snow stopped and after a trip to the pond for a drink of water.

Snowy cabin at night
A pretty little snow qualifies as a short step up from a dusting, but not by much in my book. I ended with a tad over 2 inches of snow. The snow is a bit like a china doll—pretty to look at but not much for playing with .

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Scott said...

Your second image is beautiful, Carolyn. And I really like " a china doll—pretty to look at but not much for playing with." You can create some wonderful analogies.

(Sorry if this is the second time for this comment. When I tried to post my last comment, I got a message the Service was Unavailable, so I'm trying again.)