Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not much walking

Snow flurries over Roundtop Mountain
Although spring is knocking at the door, winter is putting up a fight this year. I awoke to frigid winds and near-blinding snow squalls this morning, a drastic change from the day before. I avoid much walking on days when the wind makes my face go numb, and this morning fell into that category. Even the chickens were slow to descend off the roost this morning. They wanted no parts of that either.

I also had the excuse of ice created by yesterday afternoon’s light snow and rain. The ground was slippery and hard but not to the point where I could comfortably wear my Yak-Trax either. So I didn’t take much of a walk this morning and for once the dogs didn’t seem to mind. They were just as eager to return to the warmth of the cabin as I was.

Some days the outdoors just looks better from the indoors, and this was one of those days.


Scott said...

My old indoor cat, for some unfathomable reason, likes to go out into our completed unheated (read: bone-chilling) mudroom and to lay there for up to an hour on the concrete. Yesterday morning, I opened the inside door to let her out into the mudroom.

When the blast of cold air hit her face, she visibly recoiled and retreated for her bed under the heating vent. Maybe she's finally coming to her senses--after 15 years!

pablo said...

It's certainly one of those days here in suburbia. Snow falling with possible accumulations in double digits. I'l watch from the window, thank you.