Friday, February 17, 2012

Not quite spring

I’m starting to believe even this non-winter is coming to an end, though other than one fleeing skunk, I’ve yet to see any real or actual signs of spring just yet. Well, other than rain when it should be snowing, but that’s how this whole non-winter has been so that doesn’t count.

What I’m looking for and have yet to find are signs of new spring growth, and that is not yet making an appearance on Roundtop Mtn. This long, long November is still holding on, though who knows for how much longer?

While I’m not seeing obvious signs of spring, it’s starting to feel like spring to me, though I can’t say precisely how or why. Perhaps it’s the longer hours of daylight. Perhaps it’s the soft ground. Grass is still as brown and flat as you could want, and it doesn’t yet smell like spring. And yet there’s something that suggests to me that spring is just about here, perhaps only a mile or so away, or maybe just behind the eastern ridge.

My moss garden is coming along, and I hope to finish it sometime this weekend. I’m still looking for that perfect moss-covered rock as one of its features. I have found some lovely ones that are unfortunately too large for the small arrangement I’m working on. I know where some right-sized mossy rocks are, but I’ve so far avoided going there because I know the area will be a mushy, wet mess. If nothing else turns up, though, I’ll just put on my Wellies and head down there.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

It's starting to feel like spring here too. Here it's because the birds have started to sing in the mornings. It makes such a difference.

Grampy said...

I too hear the birds working overtime with spring songs in the morning. The geese are flying in pairs more in the morning. It is only a couple to three weeks early for these observations here.

Carolyn H said...

John: I'm just glad of the longer days. Several species of birds here sing in February no matter what. It's always nice to hear, especially in years when the snow is feet deep.

Carolyn H said...

Grampy: I have bluebirds, song sparrows and cardinals singing right now. A little birdsong in the mornings is always appreciated.