Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A 5.9 earthquake was centered in someplace no one has every heard of in Virginia and even 200 miles away I felt it.  And now, reports are coming in from as far away as Canada and Florida that they felt it too.

Gee, I've had a tornado this spring, an earthquake this summer, and I hope I don't get to add hurricane to the list before the week is out (Irene).  Eighteen inches of rain in 3 days from Hurricane Agnes back in 1972 was mroe than bad enough!

At work in Harrisburg the building swayed, and if I'd heard a noise, I would have assumed something had hit the building. or was bouncing like a trampoline up on the roof. So I went outside to check and I saw light poles dancing around. That's when I knew for sure it was an earthquake. 


cathy said...

Sadly I didn't feel it, I was checking in all the stuff that the courier brought in and dealing with patrons. Most the patrons that came in afterward said they didn't feel it.

However it does look like some form of Irene will be the encore for this week.

Now hopefully too, that will be the last earthquake for long time.

Scott said...

I was standing at work and didn't feel it either in the Philly suburbs. One of my employees was sitting and said she felt it. However,lots of loose stuff in the office was rattling.