Monday, August 22, 2011


I keep telling myself that it’s too early for fall weather, to not expect the lovely, low humidity and pleasant temperatures to last. It’s more than early enough in the year to experience another round of hot, humid and generally unpleasant weather.

In more than a few past years, on those rare occasions when August weather is nice, September weather is not. I’d rather have a great September than a pleasant August, so I am suspicious of what to expect in another few weeks. Or perhaps I am just naturally wary of unexpectedly good things. Be that as it may, today my suspicions are starting to cave in.

Fall migration is underway, with Broad-winged Hawks and good numbers of Bald Eagles on the wing. Goldfinches are more common than robins this week. Mushrooms and fungus are appearing. A few leaves and bushes are yellowing and don’t appear to be suffering from either disease or damage. This morning I had to wear a sweatshirt over my t-shirt. It feels like fall in so many ways that I am almost shocked when I look at the calendar and read it is only August 22. I should still be stuck in the middle of a heat wave, melting in the high humidity and complaining about the thick haze of summer.

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cathy said...

Wait!!! we might be dealing with of some form of Irene this weekend. So enjoy this nice weather.