Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hail on the deck

Hail on the deck about 6 p.m. tonight.  I had a bit of quarter-sized hail but most of it was pea-sized.  Taken with my camera phone, so the quality isn't good. And it was pretty dark during the hail, which in this heat of course didn't last very long. At least it's 20 degrees cooler now!!


Woodswalker said...

You've had quite the unsettled weather this year, as have we here in NY. Hope your dear dog is enjoying some relief from the heat.

Scott said...

The storms came through my neighborhood at exactly 7:20 p.m. When the sky got dark, I went to close the gates to the preserve. Just as I got to the gates, the wind started to blow strongly and I felt the very first cool gust. Heavenly! Nice (needed) rain, but no hail here on the Piedmont.

Carolyn H said...

Woodswalker: Has the weather been "normal" anywhere this year??

Scott: i thought the hail was going to break the glass on my windows, it was that bad. The cooler temperature afterwards was much appreciated, though!