Thursday, June 23, 2011

Farmer lily fix below!

You didn’t really expect me to go through June without posting a few photos of farmer lilies, did you?

I didn’t think so.

Long time readers of Roundtop Ruminations know I have a fondness and a weakness for this most showy of the wildflowers. This year the blooms seem particularly profuse. Some roads are so thick with them that it looks as though some manic ladies garden club has been beautifying everything in sight. Don’t think that is a complaint. It’s not. I adore these flowers.

Long time readers also have a list of other common names for these flowers that is nearly as long as my arm.  Ditch lily is perhaps the most accurate of the names I remember, though that also feels just a tad perjorative to me.  That term certainly doesn't capture any of the beauty of the flower.  Farmer lily expresses some measure of times-gone-by, old time romance to it, at least to me. So that's the name I stick with.

Last evening I passed this clump of them and had to turn the car around and stop to take the photos in the late afternoon sun.  The flowers close up as soon as the sun leaves them in shade, and I knew they wouldn't be open again by the time I left the mountain in the morning. 

I just can't resist farmer lilies.


am said...

Beautiful! I am fond of them, too.

Grizz………… said...

Hey, I like 'em, too, in spite of their pedigree and commonality. I've so far resisted a post this time around, but am likely to succumb over the next few days because I've taken literally dozens of lily shots recently. (I did run one pix with a post about spring.)

Frankly, I don't see any good reason to continue resisting. Beauty is excuse/reason enough.

Nice shots, BTW. It's been a good year here, too, with clumps everywhere.