Friday, May 27, 2011

Made it through (another) storm

Last night was another doozy of a storm, though I managed not to get hit by another tornado.  Folks a few miles to the north weren't as lucky, apparently.  I've heard of no injuries but some 60,000 people are still out of power, lots of trees are down. None of the traffic lights are working, which played havoc with the morning commute.

The baby robins I've been watching made it safely through the storm and are as hungry as ever, with those tiny yellow mouths anticipating breakfast.  Mom robin is okay, too, this morning.  Happy Friday!


Woodswalker said...

Glad you're OK. And those baby birdies are, too. What wild weather, this spring!

Cathy said...

I'm ok too. That storm hit my area too. Roads are closed and one school district closed down. And looks like a small tornado hit couple miles north of me. About 10,000 people have no power in Pike.

Did set up my camera to try capture some lightening. Might have an an excellent picture.

Scott said...


They keep forecasting storms here in the Piedmont 100 miles east of you, but, so far, we haven't had any rain at all since Monday (thank goodness). You must be living right to have avoided the storms further north.

I've started to do my annual breeding bird census in a 40-acre tract of woods. The census requires that I get out at the crack of dawn 8 times in late-spring/early summer to census the birds breeding in the tract. A robin has built her nest in a multiflora rose shrub right on my path, and I've frightened her out of the nest twice now; I hope my repeated treks through her territory don't cause her to abandon the nest.