Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Old snow on Roundtop
Although there isn’t yet much time between dawn and when I leave for work in the mornings, I saw a lot of activity in that short time. A fox was crossing the hill above the cabin early on, a smaller one with a lovely tail, perhaps a shade of red slightly paler than average. It saw me and continued across the hill, slinking close to the ground but moving quickly. Ah, that explains while the two semi-feral Roundtop cats weren’t waiting for their handouts when I first stepped out the door. They were waiting for that predator to clear the area first.
The local Canada geese are still annoyed at any visitors that dare appear at the smaller pond they’ve designated as “theirs.” Four deer fled to the edge of woods and blended in with the trees and shrubs there.

Distant deer in the field
Is it the sleet and rain that will come later today that has the forest so active this morning? It wouldn’t surprise me if they sense the coming bad weather and feel the need to fill their bellies before they seek shelter from the storm.

I learn a lot from the local animals. I don’t have the sharp senses they possess, but by watching their behavior I can take advantage of what they are sensing. I find many people are more focused on seeing an animal than on paying attention to what it is doing and why. It’s all about them and their seeing, and not about looking at what they are seeing. Perhaps that’s because they don’t see the animals often enough to think about life from the animals’ point of view. Perhaps they simply aren’t observant enough or interested enough to go beyond the seeing of a thing. Perhaps that inability to shift their point of view is where the phrase “dumb animal” comes from. If you’ve ever watched an animal, instead of merely seen it, you’ll know they are far from dumb. Some days, I think I am the dumb one.


Woodswalker said...

Hmmm. Interesting thought! And oh my gosh, you have bare ground where you live. We're still shin deep in snow here in northern NY.

Carolyn H said...

Woodwalker: Well, four inches of rain is kind of hard on 12 inches of snow. So my snow disappeared with that storm.


I feel that behavior is coordinated differently through all species and really the universe and beyond. We humans are not the know all. Its all a grand mystery and those that claim animals are dumb are just not thinking. Your post observations are relevant to our world. -- barbara

Carolyn H said...

Barbara: Humans are too often overly human-centric in my view. We share the earth with a large number of other species who would benefit from a little more consideration from us.