Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Perception of fog

Mornings here on the mountain since the time change are still pretty dark. Add in a dense fog such as I have this morning, and 7:30 in the morning takes on an entirely different appearance. Precisely what kind of appearance probably depends on your own personal point of view at that particular moment—at least that’s the way it does with me.

I could say that the morning looks like something from a reenactment of Washington Irving’s Sleepy Hollow, with a kind of creepy, dangerous feel about it.

I could just as easily say that the fog gives everything a kind of dreamy, otherworldly appearance, like from some barely-explored exotic landscape.

Both and neither are true, of course. The trees are what they always are, what they always will be, what they always were. It’s only my own point of view that switches the scene from creepy to exotic, depending on my mood of the moment.

So tell me, what do you see? Is your glass half empty or half full this morning?


Cathy said...

Half empty, woke with a bit of headache. Cured it with Excedrin. So far I got about 6 inches of snow and sleet.

However your pictures are perfect. I do love a foggy day provide I'm home, so I can have a cup of tea.

Pablo said...

Looks half full, and inviting, to me!

Carolyn H said...

How funny! Cathy's glass is half empty and Pablo's is half full!

Caroyln H.