Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Even though my photos today show water reflecting on one of Roundtop’s ponds, perhaps a better title for today’s post would be Déjà vu or some reference to the movie Groundhog Day or even that line from the old song that says, “Second verse, same as the first.”

I’m referring to what looks to be a repeat, and even perhaps a worse one, of the flooding that occurred here and around the area on Sunday night. Tomorrow doesn’t look like it’s going to be a good day. Although my basement is no longer flooded, neither is it completely dry. Around the mountain is plenty of standing water. The ditches are still running full the morning. The creeks down in the valley are over their banks, and along the main Susquehanna River, the trees on all the islands are still about half covered with water.

And, the forecast for tomorrow (and late tonight) is for even more rain than caused the flooding that I’m still seeing a full two days after the last storm. Another 2-4 inches of rain is predicted. I will likely be in the 3 inch range of that prediction. The ground won’t hold any more water. That’s why the water is still standing around and running in the ditches. I think a new round of flooding will begin before the first inch of this new rainfall is on the ground.

I am preparing as best I can for another flooded basement and another sleepless night or nights. I won’t be the only one with difficulties, I’m sure, not that it makes the situation feel any better to me at the moment. I’ve had floods before. Hopefully, this one won’t be any worse than those.


am said...

Take care. Hope the waters recede soon.

Do you live anywhere near Fishing Creek? I visited there in 1974. Not sure why I put two and two together just now. O yes I do. You mentioned the Susquehanna River.

Kind wishes,

Elora said...

Thinking of you, Carolyn! Wishing you a safe passage through it all.


Carolyn H said...

am: I'm near-ish to Fishing Creek (though I think that's a common name around here so it might not be the same one)

Elora: Thanks! I'll get online whenever I can.

Sam said...

Take care. I too am concerned about the coming deluge. Good to see you have a plan of action.

Cathy said...

Yikes ! Not looking forward to tomorrow either. I got work until 8pm. I did see the Delaware river today and it's high, along with some streams. Honestly we don't need this!

Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: I stayed home from work today, and for the first few hours this morning, I wondered if I was overreacting--then the basement started to get wet, and I'm glad I stayed home.