Monday, February 21, 2011

Reality returns

I’m finding it hard to return to my winter mindset after two days of record-breaking warmth. The snow melted and even the ice in my driveway disappeared. This morning I woke up to a trace of snow with 6 inches predicted for tonight, and the jolt that brought me is a lot worse than the forecast itself.

Of course it’s still winter. Of course there’s lots of winter ahead. So it’s funny that a mere two warm days gets me in the mood for a different season. Two days of warm weather reminded me that it’s rather convenient to be able to go outside without spending 10 minutes getting suited up for it. Driving when there is no ice is alright, too.

And now, the sun is setting later each evening. It’s still fairly light outside at 6 p.m. now It’s not light enough to, say, read a book, at that hour, but there’s enough light to walk around without stumbling and without needing a headlamp.

I know it’s not just me. The cardinals have been singing up a storm. Ditto the bluebirds, the starlings and assorted other avian neighbors. For a day or so even my bird feeders were emptier, because the feeder birds and the world’s fattest squirrels found their own meals without benefit of me.

But this morning reality returns. The titmice and juncos appeared at the feeders early this morning, picking among the few leftover seeds until I could get outside and refill their supply. Last year’s fawn was nibbling on the juniper bush again, and I didn’t hear the cardinal even once this morning. And tomorrow? Let's just say it’s a good thing I never did put those snowshoes away.


Cathy said...

Let's see, I woke up with 8 inches of snow and I was like Ugh! Might get another inch tonight.

Yea, we were spoiled by Friday's weather.

Carolyn H said...

Yesterday I had one inch of snow, this morning I have 7. I think our storms were flip-flopped.

Carolyn H.